Mcx8000 KEY TONE change in Standalone mode?

Hello! is there a way to change the key tone in standalone mode? thanks!

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Not for MCX8000 no. This feature only exists on the Prime series

That would be a nice add in a future firmware update for the mcx8000

Doubt that will happen, MCX8000 is effectively EOL in terms of new features being added to it. Aside from that, there are questions over whether the hardware could even handle it.

If the have enough request dfor this it will be easy do add it, most KEY button are alreay on the console and the screen, so just a compine on button tu up or down it.

Are you a software developer? If not then it’s unwise to comment on things like whether a feature is “easy” to implement or not.

You’re missing a really, really important part of this, being that changing the key under normal circumstances also changes the speed of the playing track, so to counter this you need a key-shift + time-strech algorithm in place. It’s not “simply” a matter of combining buttons.

The MCX8000 hardware might not be capable of this as it is very old and underpowered in comparison to the Prime series hardware. Not to mention the fact that even if the hardware is capable enough, it is an old piece of kit and I doubt Denon would see the point in bringing new features to a product when they are focusing on selling Prime units so development should be focused on Engine Prime and Engine OS.

If you want this feature on the MCX8000, you need to use DJ software and have the decks operate in controller mode.

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Are you a software developer? if not then its unwise to answer people like this.

Yes, I am.

Well, now don’t you look foolish :wink:

MCX8000 is discontinued, so I would not count for updates. Rather for a new product, that could be a successor to MCX8000…

EDIT- aaaaa wait, we already have - PRIME 4

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I think we need a proper successor that mimics/updates the display of the MXC8000