Mcx8000 i get sound through headphones but no sound through laptop what am i doing wrong

Mcx8000 i get sound through my heaphones but do not get sound from my laptop what am i doing wrong please

Has it been working ok before but now doesn’t work? Or has it never given sound through main master out ?

Always used with headphones so didnt notice until i wanted to listen through laptop to find there is no sound

The MCX8000 has a mixer built-in so the default is to route the audio through that. To hear it on the laptop you would have to use DJ software (Serato, VDJ) and change the audio routing settings.

Hi could you please give me a detailed step by step instruction on how to do that please

I’m afraid not, I don’t use a laptop when DJ’ing so I’m not familiar with the software, maybe another forum user knows how to.

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Ok thanks anyway hopefully i will it sorted

With Serato DJ you can’t get sound from the laptop.

You get sound from speakers connected to the MCX8000.

Plug active speakers into the controller and not your laptop