MCX8000 hardware failed to connect

Hello everyone, A little help is very welcome here. After updating my MCX8000 and serato, the hardware fail’s to connect on my windows 10 computer. The latest drivers and firmware is installed.

The message I receive is MCX8000 hardware failed to connect, Please try again.

I tried both my USB ports. Without succes. I tried my old computer (not updated) There it works fine !!! I wonder where the issue lies Many thx for your feedback


happy to help!

Well, the good news is that it does not appear to be a hardware failure. To confirm, please make sure that you have reinstalled the latest MCX8000 Windows driver and installed the latest versions of Serato DJ and Engine Prime.

Also, where do you see this “failed to connect” error? Is this Windows telling you that the device isn’t connecting or Serato?


Failed to connect the hardware maybe it’s your Windows problem.

Many thanks This issue has been solved by reinstalling the drivers.