MCX8000 FX2 Beat Knob Not Working

Hi, new to the forum and have recently move to using an MCX8000. All been working fine until last week, when all of a sudden on deck2, I can still apply FX using standalone mode, but the beat ‘knob’ which changes the application of the effect won’t work. It turns and feels as it always has, but I can’t change it to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 etc or anything other than 1. Load the same track on deck 1 and it lets me apply without a problem? Don’t know if my Mrs has knocked something cleaning it, but I can’t see anything obvious (i.e. Shift + TAP tried and does nothing). Running latest firmware etc, anyone got any ideas as I’m hoping this is a simple button press problem :slight_smile: Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit: disregard that, see now in the subject the FX2

Anyway, that is strange indeed, never seen this reported before.

What firmware you have on the unit and in what Engine Prime software are the files analyzed and exported?

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Thanks for coming back to me :slight_smile: I’ll need to check on the unit but believe it’s running the latest OS firmware. I also installed the latest (at the time, 3 months ago?) OS engine software but it doesn’t include MCX8000 support (for some reason?) so needed to downgrade, but I’ll check the versions tonight and come back to you. Interestingly though, the situation has now changed in that every track loaded onto deck 2 is defaulting to 1/2 beat application for each FX, and I can’t change it, but everything works perfectly on deck 1???

Try resetting the unit from within the settings menu.

Thanks for the suggestion Kradcliffe, will that result in me having to upload and install latest firmware sets though to get the unit back to the latest release? Do you also know if the Engine software v2.3.1 includes MCX8000 support? I’ve had to downgrade previous installs as they don’t include MCX8000 compatibility? I’m pretty new to this so appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

You can reset on the current firmware.

See this page: Software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ

You need Engine Prime 1.6.1 (with MCX8000 compatibility enabled) and MCX8000 firmware 2.5

Legend mate, thank you for looking this up, pretty certain I’m running that version of Engine Prime but will check the firmware version tonight after trying the reset. Will let you know the outcome but thanks again in the meantime.

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hi again, so I am running Engine Prime 1.6.1 with MCX8000 Comp enabled, I started a newer version but it contained no support for MCX8000, don’t know if the Sept (latest?) release does or if there is a plan to? Firmware wise all I know is that the utility menu settings show as;

Engine Version 0332 Display Version Left & Right 5170 MCU Version 2076 no network settings as not connected

I also looked for the reset you mentioned but all i have is default factory settings, so I assumed that would default the firmware somehow to a battery stored config or something? Didn’t want to brick my unit as need it for the weekend.

1.6.1 is the last Engine release for the MCX8000, it’s not supported in any newer version and will never be.

Default settings will not brick the unit or delete anything on connected drives. It’s safe to do and all you will need to do is change your custom settings again.

To check if it’s on the newest firmware download the 2.5 from the link I gave you and put the .bin file on the root of a pen drive then update from within the MCX8000 menu. You can safely go up and down firmware versions with no hassle.

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Ahh man that’s poor, I’d better make sure i backup the install files for it then and store them on multiple drives along with the libraries.

I’ll have a go at that reset then, thanks for the reassurance and for your help.

If you’re having issues with buttons it’s better to reinstall the firmware that way it clears the MCU

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Thanks K, I’ve not done that before so will need to read up on how to do it, sure it can’t be that difficult…he says :slight_smile:

From the info I gave above about MCU version and engine version, does that not give an indication of which version of firmware the MCX8000 is running currently? The guy I bought it off has said that he put the latest firmware on, but I don’t know what version he put on?

Just checked my one and that does appear to be the latest firmware on your unit.

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Thanks mate, that’s good to know at least :slight_smile: I’;ll try the reset over the weekend then look up how to apply the firmware in the event that the unit reset doesn’t resolve it. I’ll keep you posted and thanks again for your help and advice.