MCX8000 Full Tutorial video

To kick this category off, why not refresh your knowledge of DJ Magazine’s ‘Ultimate Controller of the Year’, with this D.Ramirez presented and in-depth, Tutorial video.


It was this video that help me make the final decision to buy the product. Highly recommend it. The only thing I wished was that he showed an option for getting the sampler (SP6) to show on the PC using a short cut on the MCX800, this way you know which samples you are launching with the touch pads.

Sounds like a good tip. And should be doable in a firmware upgrade. One for the wishlist!

Hi Denon , Here is my Tutorial on spanish for Latin America .


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Nice integration of the official footage with your own, and the Spanish commentary - thank you Edwin!

I can not play mcx8000 on serato dj I really need help