Mcx8000 freeze question

please i need help Good evening use the console mcx 8000 with Serrato I have the following problem… suddenly when i playing the console freeze … while the program and Audio keeps the operation of the rule but the lights in the waveforms freeze controller and song titles.

I have done all upgrades of controller ( firmwear 1,5 ) and program Serato working in 1.9.6 the elements of my pc HP AT I5 2520MCPU 2.5 GHZ with memory 8GB

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Does this ever happen while the lappy is stone cold? Or only after the lappy has warmed up eg: an hour or so into the usage.

make sure that your lappy is not trying to analyze tracks. that could be the issue.

not blame the computer kids, my console freeze… does not do operate anything in console … If i close the console and open it again …for the rest of the time I play music everything is normal… my tracks its all as it hould be in features and has been analyzed from home mot the time i play

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ok sorry about that not trying to blame laptop i use a hp envy i7 quad core, 16 gig ram 4 tb ssd hd also i use a 2011 late mbp 15 i7 quad core 8 gig ram 2 tb ssd hd, the only time i had my console freeze up was when i went from pc to engine and not all tracks where analyzed in engine and once in sdj because all tracks had not been analyzed i was just trying to help pin point

Please can you confirm if this is in stand alone mode? Do you mean on the computer or on the unit?

For me it freezes is standalone no laptop or when switching from pc to engine

I have had the exact same issue. The left deck screen will freeze. The controls respond but the screen is of no use. Switching back to engine does not change this. The screen stays frozen. It happened 2 times in one night just Sunday gone. It also happened last Thursday. Now it seems to do it almost every time.

I hve tried new usb cables, new usb flash drives. Another MacBook Pro with fresh os install. I have i5 3340m/16gb ddr3 1600 / 500gb ssd. All my tracks are MP3 320/44100 , tagged and all fine. It happens in serato mode and standalone.

Rebooting the controller is the only fix.

My DENON MCX8000 screen freezes after 10 minutes of play. The controls seems to work OK but screen freezes on the last display. Any suggestions?

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I used my mcx8000 finally this weekend in stand alone. Fri & Saturday was fine. On Tuesday night the right had screen froze, functionality became a bit strange on it too. Power off and on solved it, altho not ideal.

I sometimes have the same issue. It freezes in every mode and the screens do not turn on past the startup logo. The computer isn’t the problem because this happens even in standalone mode.

It usually just goes away after about a day. Hasn’t ruined any shows for me yet, but it has the potential to do that.


I have the same problem. It’s scandalous that Denon don’t answer to the trouble.

Don’t rely on the forum, call Denon support!

this is a known hardware fault, denon are clearly aware of this, iv tried 2 macbooks, 2 windows laptops, all at least i5 with 8gb ram and ssd’s, new windows os and mac os from windows 7 - 10, osx yosemite to high sierra, various flash drives, various usb cables.

various versions of serato and different firmware.

Various usb ports on the machines.

im gonna end up losing my job over this controller, should have gone for a pioneer, but i just wanted standalone mode and this was one of the few machines that has this feature.

i had radio one djs using it a few weeks back and it did it then, super embarressing…