MCX8000 Flash Drive Playback W/ Serato


I am considering getting an MCX8000 and would like to be able to keep my music on it via USB. However, the extremely limited internal FX capabilities of the MCX make me need a laptop. Is there a way to send the unmixed output to a computer via USB and apply FX?

Using Serato would achieve this I think, unless I’m misunderstanding the question?

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What’s up @DJGlitch,

Just like @JonnyXDA said, the MCX unlocks Serato DJ Pro for free. With that, you’ll have full access to all of Serato’s built in effects and can purchase expansion packs for access to even more effects if you choose.

FYI - There are 3 USB ports on the MCX (2 on top for standalone play / 1 in the rear for pass-through to a connected PC). You can leave a flash drive (or SSD Hardrive) connected in the rear for dedicated Serato use.