MCX8000 fail, i need help!

I ve got a problem with my mcx8000. music works very good, but hd screen and other lights stop working almost one time in the night. i must to turn off and on the unit. i leave a link video, please help!


If this is when on midi mode It’s possible that the lappy can’t keep up demand on processing etc. Try higher latency or reducing the screen refresh rates

Hi DJ Boothe, its not only in midi mode. with usb memory happen too. my laptop is a I7, 8gb ram, solid hard disc and win 10…

I also have this issue with my new mc4000 ? I was using serato dj 1.9.3 and also tested it out on 1.9.6 beta ( same issue ). Unit would freeze no functions worked but music would play, only fix was power off/on unit. After a week or so trying to sort it out the only common thing I noticed was on start up (opening serato dj ) at the bottom of the screen in the yellow bar it read Error loading MIDI Xml: and then Cue Mix: 50% ? Have no idea what either means? So i decided to try out another version of Serato Dj. I downloaded 1.9.1 and haven’t a problem in over a week. No Error notice on start up and now it reads Cue Mix 100% ? OS X El Capitan MacBook Pro (13 inch Mid 2012) 2.5 Ghz Intel Core i5 4 GB 1600 Mhz I could upgrade to 8 GB but not sure if that’s even the issue?