MCX8000 Channel and master level has no effect in Serato

In standalone mode everything works fine. When using Serato (windows 10) 2.4.5 I can change the levels in software with the mouse, but I want to be able to change them using the controller knobs. Turning the master level or the channel level knobs don’t affect serato. The sub channel levels and the faders work normally.

The channel gains and master are part of the mixer hardware only and not accessible by midi ever.

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The booth and master level knobs are hardware only.

When you say “channel level knobs” do you mean the ones highlighted below … because they work in VDJ and are midi controllable.

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Thanks for the quick response! By channel level knob I do mean the ones you indicated with the yellow arrow. Is there a better more common term for those?

When I turn them or the master knob above the booth knobs they don’t change the volume at all, the LED level meters are unaffected when I turn them. When I use the MDX8000 in Engine mode then they affect both the output volume, the LED level meters, as well as headphone levels.

If this is normal for Serato, how/where do I make the changes in Serato to map those controls? My end goal is for those controls to work in Serato as they do now in Engine.

Sorry, I can’t help with Serato as I’ve never used it.

Maybe ask on their support forum but in VDJ they definitely change the deck gain.

The master and booth outs will not work with midi software as they control the overall controller sound output.

Thanks again, I have the same question posed in Serato’s forums, if I get a different answer I’ll update here.

I have used the 8000 with Serato

  1. The trim/channel knob should increase the loudness on the hardware but not the one in the software.
  2. The master knob on the 8000 also does not affect software master gain

This is the normal behavior

You can read up on gain staging in serato

It’s in this order

  1. Software Channel Level - only changeable in software. Keep it taping into orange
  2. Software Master level - only changeable in software as well. Keep it at 12 o’clock it for 3db headroom
  3. Hardware channel trim - use this for mixing
  4. Hardware master knob - this is the final mix out level. Track Gain Adjust – Serato Support

The first two are set an forget, you should never touch them really.

If you don’t use auto gain - you have to set and adjust 1 when adding tracks to the library. The value is saved to the file forever.

So next time you load the track serato will load it at your set gain.

I don’t bother I use autogain in serato set to the recommended 92db

If autogain does not get the level right , whilst playing I will use the mixer channel trim to correct that.

After a set I can override the automatically calculated gain by adjusting manually in software

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