MCX8000 and Serato - No right screen

I just bought the MCX8000 and did the firmware update right away. I am using the latest version of Serato DJ on a MacBook Pro. I am not able to get the right hand screen to display anything. It just has the default Denon DJ screen. I can hold in the View button and get the settings menu, but no song info. If I switch over to Engine, everything works perfectly. I have scoured though the settings in Serato and cant find the missing link. Again, I’m new to this controller and Serato so pardon me if this is super easy to fix. Fingers crossed it is. Thanks in advance.

A friend of mine had the same thing happen on his NV. I don’t know how he corrected it, but he did and it’s worked fine ever since, so it must be a software setting somewhere in there.

I know that’s not very helpful, but a solution is out there! Good luck.