MCX8000 and Serato, Double the BPMs When Loading

Had a great gig with my Denon controller last night. Phenomenol sound, never hit the reds although I found I was pushing up level faders to the top, once and a while at the end of the gig. Didn’t want to raise the master output too much and hit my reds.

My issue that I found was that certain tracks, when loading on the playing decks in Serato were doubling up their BPM eg: 80 BPM would become 160 BPM.

It would do it for some and not for others. I found myself having to manually use alt and down arrow to half the BPM down. Bizarre is that these were tracks that had been properly analyzed, now they are doubling up when I load on a deck to play. So if the track was reading 80bpm, it would go up to 160 when loaded, then change the value in the library.

Any idea how to fix and why this is happening? Never had this issue with my Numark V7s and Serato do I’m guessing maybe it’s something with the Denon or perhaps the latest Serato update? Maybe when I rolled over to Engine some of those playlists?

Curious to see who else has had this issue.

This has happened throughout the ages… from handheld BPM counters in the 70’s, through to solder-on BPM counters for technics etc.

Music differed from track to track (thankfully) - some tracks have strong Beaty intros, some have Beatless intros or a-cappella intros etc.

The primes have an interesting way around this, whereby you can set BPM detection minimum and maximum expected BPMs eg: 80 to 160 … then if a track starts off at say 120 then has a little odd instrumental/vocal break with no detectable beat half way through, the counter won’t drop to 75 or 40 or whatever, it’ll stay, wherever possible, between the parameter min/max.

This is def not a 8000 issue, as I’ve experienced this before I got the 8000. Even though I had already analyzed my tracks in Serato correctly, when I loaded them they would halve / double the bpm. Check the properties of the mp3 to see if both read & write are enabled. If an mp3 is ‘read only’ Serato can’t write the tags for that file, so the next time you load it the bpm is wrong.

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I think the latest Serato update is better at detecting the bpm and not halving it.

One can select a bpm range in Serato too, there is a drop box in the analysis tab for that.

try locking the file after analysis to prevent any further changes within Serato.