MCX8000 and Ableton - using output 3&4

Hello there, I want to use my MCX8000 with Serato and Ableton (since they offer LINK it should work) but i don’t get how i can route the outputs in Ableton to use it on Output 3 or 4 and on the Channels 3 and 4 on the MCX8000. When i try to route on Channel 3 or 4 there comes no sound, when i use 1&2 the sound from ableton comes out as general sound and not on a specific channel.

What do i wrong ? can anyone help me ?

thanks in advance

best rob

I think the problem will be if you’re using serato it will alway prioritise the mcx8000 soundcard and leave no channels spare for other programs. Only way I could think of doing it is using another soundcard for ableton and using the mcx8000s inputs as a standard mixer for those channels. So you have 2 pc channels for serato and 2 analogue inputs for ableton.