Mcx8000 and 64 gb usb

So when I first got my MCX8000 I used a 64 gb usb and it worked great with it, until one day I was putting music on it with engine and the engine software said the usb was corrupt in some way. so then i quickly backed up my files and formatted the usb too the default exFAT and put the files back on it and engine read it like it was brand new again. but the problem is when I plug that usb into my mcx8000 it says it is a unsupported volume. i have tried reformatting it many times and i still get the message unsupported volume. so at the moment i copied my music from that usb to a 16gb usb stick and it works fine.

So what should I do with the 64 gb usb stick to get it working with my mcx8000? why does that drive show the unsupported volume error when its only 64gb?

Thank you in advance!

Hi treelo991jr,

Try formating the Flash Drive back to FAT 32, you can easily do that with the SmartDisk FAT32 Utility.


Thanks man!! that did the trick

That’s great. Glad to know.


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