MCX8000 : 4 decks : usb keys and serato

hello i’m trying to use mcx8000 to mix with 4 decks using usb keys and serato any tips??? How can i assign serato to decks 3 / 4 ??? when i try, the button/switch select/load doesn’t work, well i can try to navigate up and down the list, but can’t select anything, on the keys or on serato

Have you checked the device is still fully supported on the latest versions of Serato? they’ve been removing support for quite a lot of stuff recently.

seems to be in the list :

Have you raised it over at Serato too?

nope maybe i should, thanks for the tip

hello, the device is compatible with the latest version of serato including serato and it gave support for stems I use the device most of the time like this with decks 1/2 for usb and 3/4 with serato or virtualdj and it works perfect greetings

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that’s what i do , but when i do the load button doesn’t work anymore…