MCX 8000 Second hand repair

Hi I’ve read a lot about the screen freeze issue on the MCX8000 and am looking at picking up a second hand one. If I purchased it and it has this issue would it be eligible for repair from Denon?


Unless price is a primary deciding factor, I’d go straight for one of the prime models, like the prime 4 or prime 2.

Unless you’re not after a smart console and just want to still use a laptop

Eligible for repair, or eligible for FREE repair? Being 2nd hand shouldn’t affect the warranty if it’s still in place, assuming the previous owner registered it with Denon.

The 8000 can be used standalone, I was hoping to lose the dependence on the laptop which is a pain in the arse. There is also quite a big jump in cost to the prime 4. I ideally want the 4 channels so I can plug my 1210’s in when I want.