MCX 8000 on the road

Tonight will be the first time I take out my MCX 8000 to a gig so please wish me luck. I’ve had it for over a year and never had the balls to take it out as I was an early adopter of computer-based DJ software and it made me look damn foolish at times but I stuck it out, but those experiences had put me off using this in a live situation At home, it has had its moments in both standalone and computer-based modes but just to be on the safe side I will be taking my trusty old Numark DMC2 controller and Pioneer DJ5000.


You don’t need luck, all you need is a good external hard drive, or an external solid state drive or at least a good 3.0 or 3.1 flash drive. That’s all, everything will work as expected with Firmware 1.5 and Engine 1.5.

So far it has not fail me, not even a glitch in 5hrs.


How did it go?

It didn’t.

Stopped working properly after 3 track, wasn’t prepared to risk it for the night. I will investigate at home and see what went wrong. Track I dropped into the left and player was about a 74 minute mix and the screen froze. OK the functions like play/cue and whatnot worked but I wasn’t about the risk the night on maybe it’ll be ok.

And yes the firmware is 1.5


I did all that testing at home. If you use a Flash Drive like the SanDisk Ultra CZ48 32GB 3.0 is gonna work fine for mixing normal tracks, but is not going to work for a full 74min mix. I try with a 60min mix and it went nuts on me. It jump to the beginning and it started repeating it self the first couple of seconds of the mix and the wave form was weird to, eventually lost control of the controller.

I did the same test with an external hard drive and it work fine with a 60min track on each deck, pressing hot cues, looping, activating effect, pressing all buttons like crazy making it crash, but nothing happen it work excellent.

So then I bought an external solid state drive (TEYADI External SSD 128GB, Portable Solid State Drive) from Amazon, did the same testing and guess what? Nada, nothing went wrong. You can load a 60min mix on both deck, problem free.

Also I notice if you inject two flash drive at the same time for example one for X-Genre and another for Y-Genre, Engine starts loosing track of the history (its got nothing to do with the Genre is just an example) Engine doesn’t know where to save the history, kind of gets confuse.

This are my findings and I hope they are of use to you.


Looks like denon deleted my last post.

Perhaps it was due to the comment I made saying “If this was any other piece of electrical equipment which didn’t work as its supposed to, we send it back and get a refund”

Sorry Denon, but you have been lacking on this unit far too long now, so much so, that this piece of equipment is not worth taking on the road and staking my reputation, did it once before with the transition to software based DJing, not doing it again to look like an idiot. PLEASE PULL YOU FINGER OUT, as this is now just an expensive object on my sideboard, slowly gathering dust!

Denon, please be honest with us! It would be the best controller going by a country mile and then some as the build of it is superb, just a let down in every other way. Get that bit right Denon, then you could smoke Pioneer.

I would never use as standalone. DjChachi, I use virtual DJ 8 which is supposed to work really well with the MCX. Yes, I know it isn’t designed for Serato but have you seen the problems they are having with that software and the MCX too?

I did some testing at home with VDJ8 and the MCX just in automix. Sad to report it didn’t go well, both screens froze, the channel LEDS got stuck when nothing was playing on that actual channel and there were the “clicks” in the music. I thought it was me to begin with. I moved the track back 30 seconds to see if it would do it in the same spot it happened beforehand, the spot is never the same, it’s random. If I could afford it Denon, I’d just give it back to you as mine is pristine and I’d be lucky to get a third of the price I paid for it. I wouldn’t mind finding out in the UK where the service centre is, I’d send it there to see if there are faults with it.

I just hope to God the firmware 2.0 is the answer, I doubt it. PLEASE PLEASE SORT IT OUT DENON.

HI Craig

Not sure if you’re aware, but to advise, Virtual DJ is not officially supported by the MCX8000 hardware. Serato DJ Pro, is.


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Hi Guys,

djcraig I think you have a hardware problem. Maybe your unit came defective, it can happen and it feels awful when it happens, awful and frustrating. I think you should contact Denon for further support. I come across that conclusion, because I sorted out all problems on the hardware side, I’ve been using the unit as standalone, with Virtual Dj 2018 and Serato DJ Pro 2.0X with no problem what so ever.

Even tho Virtual Dj is not officially supported by the MCX8000 hardware, I can say for sure that it works much better than Serato, specially on the Video Mixing side, is much lighter on the system, not a resource hug.

One thing I can say on favor of Serato, and let me tell you I am a little Serato Fan, is that the waveform serato loads on the MCX8000 looks much better than the one Virtual Dj loads, but as functionality goes, I go with VDJ 2018.


My typing is naff, was supposed to put “Yes, I know it is designed for Serato”. The VDJ default mapping is awesome but you haven’t got it working fully with Serato either without many, many issues. I can not understand why the MC6000 MK2 I had was near perfect to work with and this “would be” excellent unit isn’t? Sort that out and you are on to a winner.


I have wiped a laptop and started afresh with it. Nothing on it apart from the usual Windows 10 stuff you have when you do a clean install, and the latest version of VDJ 8 as I have infinity. Windows is currently doing a big update, see how that pans out. If not, I’ll remove everything VDJ and MCX related and this time install the MCX driver first and then VDJ see how that one goes.

Hi Paul,

Today I wiped everything off of VDJ 8, uninstalled the driver and downloaded Serato (latest version) Installed Serato, re-downloaded windows driver and installed. Firmware is 1.5 Not even 3 tracks and screens freeze, clicks with the sound and LEDs on channels not displaying and this is with Serato. Tracks will play and pause but the all point of the screens for me was to look at the waveform on the MCX, not my laptop. Djchacha, I think you could be right, defo a hardware issue. DENON, what can you/we do about it?

RMA if you are still under warranty and the patient type.

I had no patience, I traded it in and got something else.

My sanity is more important than being a beta tester.

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How are you finding it with VDJ? Sorry serato, VDJ is a better program. It may look a bit naff but it’s 99.9999999999% of the time perfectly for my needs.

Mufasa, Sadly, I sat on my unit waiting for Denon to come up with a fix, and therefore have never really used the unit. Christ, the screens still have the plastic film on them. It’s technically out of warranty, even though it’s never really been used. Denon #disappointed

whats your next move? are you in the market for a new gear? why not explore a trade in option with the retailer or another one? i reckon you will still get 400/500.

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No idea, but it seems Denon are not interested in getting these units fixed. Perhaps an email to trading standards. For them to ship out these units and have so many problems is unreal. Christ, mine won’t even do the basics, nevermind the complicated stuff these units are supposed to do. Surely, Denon, you must know how many of these units you have produced as they have serial numbers. Any other consumer products would have been recalled, replaced or rectified. On this alone, I will never buy another piece of Denon equipment ever again, as this really has been a very poor showing in terms of support updating and fixing. It been a case for Denon of taking everyone’s money and running to the hills wiht it.

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Is anyone at Denon willing to help out with this unit??? I.E repair or replacement??? Or will the firmware deal with the issues???