Mcx 8000 freeze display

It is a shame that in 2019 this mcx8000 controller works only with the PC without active display in stand alone and impossible to work and unreliable you lock the screens at every turn on and when you decide she wrapped it works I wrote 2 emails to denon dj and also here on forum to no avail, no one to help you technical assistance: very bad ever seen such a thing a console that costs 1300 euros that promises to work in stand alone the stand alone displays do not work do not know how to do the stand alone consoles 1300 eruo for having a controller that you have to use with the pc to know I spent 100 euros I took a hercules at least I would have saved 1200 euros SHAME you don’t even have the courage to answer. now I’m waiting for it to burn and I’ll never buy Denon again

Why post two posts about the same thing. Solution found for freezes - read the forum and contact your local denon tech support

Hi @nicodj, Can you please confirm who you contacted via email? the best course of action is to contact our global customer support team via who will assist.

If you have already contacted them please let me know which email address you have used (via private message) and I will follow this up.

Regards Jay

I contacted them with the same email I contacted them on fb on site I talk about assistance I entered the product number and the truth and that I have a console that does not work you have the solution tell me what should I do

Hi @nicodj,

Sorry to hear of your trouble and experience!

We recently discovered a hardware solution for MCX8000 units that face screen lock ups. So, you unit will require service. Please follow Jay’s instructions above for resolution. Hopefully we can get this resolved for you quickly.

Moving to general MCX8000 area as this is not a bug.

Hello, I have the same problem, the left display crashing. I contacted the official support via e-mail yesterday and I await answers. Unfortunately I had events scheduled, but I can’t risk making a bad impression, so I gave up. I bought the console on 03/21/19, I tried all the possible solutions, I am disappointed. I hope for a quick and definitive solution. Is there a service center in Italy? Can you help me? Thank you Gennaro

however I have been contacted but the solution has not yet been hoped as soon as it resolves, so now I am used to it. tonight I had to use another console because my mcx does not work a pity I could not use it

Hi @nicodj, I understand your frustration and the UK support was working on this with the Italian distributer on Friday, please understand these things cannot be resolved immediately and they are doing their best to get this fixed.

Also please not I’ve deleted your second post on this topic, creating more posts on the same topic is just more admin for the team to process which means less time helping you and others.

We hear your problem and we’re working to get resolved.

Regards J

ok thanks jay

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Ciao Jay, puoi interessarti anche del mio caso, Ho lo stesso problema di Nicodj

Hi @nicodj, I just caught up with the customer service and they inform me they are waiting for a video from you to show the problem so they can better diagnose. Could you get this to them today?

Or the other option is to get back to the retailer and show them the problem.

Thanks J

HI, I sent him the video by e-mail I can send him only by 33 mb by mail or I can upload it on a channel even longer. I did it and if I do it for 5 minutes or an hour it doesn’t change the problem as I told you and that they remain If you want fixed displays, I can send it to you too

Here is the video done today to show you the problem this is me with my mcx 8000 unusable

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VID-20190625-WA0001.mp4 (9.5 MB) This is my MCX8000,with left deck freeze. Saluti

Thank you! I have passed onto the support team.

Hello Jay, did you see the video I posted, can you help me? I contacted support, but I didn’t get an answer. Thank you

Hi, how long will it take to solve the problem?

Hi @Gege68 & @nicodj - The Support team here are looking at the best option for you to get this sorted. Please be patient as we need to make sure we get you the right person. Joe from Customer support is aware and will be in touch soon.

@Gege68 - can you please PM me your email address to pass on so they can get in contact direct.

Thanks J

ok thanks jay we hope it will be resolved as soon as possible and i hope to reuse this console

Tank You Jay, My mail is: gennaro.falace@alice.It

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