MC7000 with 3 Serato DJ expansion packs


I don’t know if there a trouble with the Denon DJ contact form on the support page of the official website but I’ve tried to contact someone from the company to have a little bit of help and nobody answered in a week.

I try to ask my question here, maybe I will have a little more of success. :slight_smile:

On the MC7000 package, it is said it comes with 3 Serato DJ plugins (Pitch 'N Time, Video and Flip) but I don’t find the voucher codes. I have nothing in the product packaging, nothing written in the Denon DJ web site when registering the product on my account with the help of the serial number. Is there something I do wrong or something I miss ? Can someone help me with this, please ?

Thank you very much.

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, this is a benefit that should be presented during the registration for eligible units, could you please send us an email at and we will look into this for you asap.


First, register your email in serato. After login into serato, plug in your MC7000, the, open myserato, go to expansion packs and enable them.

Notice that this applies everytime you change computer, reinstall OS or do a clean Serato install.

Hope this can help you.

Thank you very much for your reply, I will send an email as recommended.

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I believe this issue may now be resolved for you by support but please let me know if not.

I’ve already tried to see if the expansion packs are available in Serato when I’m logged in and the controller connected but they are not available and it asks for the voucher codes but thank you for your help.

Log into Denon DJ main website. and go to your account and then registered products. In there you will find your free keys listed. Providing you have registered the Serial number of your MC7000.

You can then just copy those keys and paste into Serato. Thats what i did when i purchased mine last year.