MC7000 Traktor 3 Mapping

I’m here to find better tsi mapping for Traktor Pro 3 that actually work. I seem that a lot of manufacturers are only Serato influences.

I’m using traktor pro 2 mapping with oficial traktor 3 working as it did in traktor pro 2. No issues detected, so you can use it.

Where did you find the mapping for traktor pro at?

You can find it in the official product page. Here you have the official link.

Hey Guys,

I’ve updated the MC7000 MIDI mapping for Traktor Pro 3. Not much changed although I did add the ability to change the Mixer FX by holding Shift and turning the Filter knob. This control uses soft take over.

I’ve included instructions and mapping details inside the zip file.

MC7000 Traktor Pro 3 (680.4 KB)

Let me know if anyone has any trouble or suggestions for future mappings.



The Tracktor mapping files were updated by Denon this week. I dont use Tracktor personally but i follow DigitalDJtips and they made an announcement about it this week.

Files here >>

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Saludos, al momento de realizar todos los pasos no me configura el mappeo del traktor3, me podrias ayudar por favor , saludos desde Ecuador

@JWiLL looks like Traktor gave us a reason for a new mapping once again…:grinning: Check their new Beta Here. There is a new way to key match the tracks. It would be nice to use the knob on the MC7000 for that.

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Cool, I’ll take a look. If I can map those features I’ll add them once they’ve been publicly released (out of beta).

@JWiLL It’s realy nice seeing that you did not abandon your “old” Controllers because of the Prime 4. Great Support from Denon DJ. Thank you guys.

By the way do you have any plans for HID Support or MIDI mapping the Prime 4 to Traktor?

@JWiLL Traktor 3.2 “Harmonic Mixing” update has been released, it would be nice to control the key adjustments with the dedicated knob on the MC7000. When you will be able please update the mapping.


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Thanks for letting me know! I’m downloading the update now.

I’ll update the mapping as soon as I can.


@JWiLL Great news, thank you. :+1:

Hi @SpirosG,

I looked into the update this weekend. There is no key matching or key syncing command that I could find in the controller editor. I also did not see the ability mentioned in the 3.2 release notes. The current map for Traktor 3 already supports key changing with the Key encoder so, at this time there is no update required for v3.2. If they add a command for key matching, I’d be happy to add in the future. Thanks!

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Hi , you can change the " censor" control button with the “rev” in Traktor 3 function ? thanks

Thanks for your hard work…I love Traktor ease of setting loops than serato…Can you make stop time work so when press pause it makes braking sound …Everything is fine …if you have a cash app i can make a donate to you for your wonderful improvement.

bonjour a tous le mapping ne fonctionne pas sur traktor pro 3 !!! j ai telecharger le mapping sur le site denon pour ma mc7000 voiçi la version du mapping ----> MC7000_4DECK_JWiLL_PADFX_v1.04 Le traktor pro 3 ne reconnait meme pas le controleur rien ne marche !!!

Hello im having trouble with traktor3 and mc7000 after i import and try to set dont work at control function

Bonjour carlos77777777 oui avec traktor pro 3 le mapping ne marche pas … si une personne sur le forum aurait un bon mapping pour traktor pro 3 je serais très content du partage pour tous les amis du forum merçi a tous …

Thank You so much.