MC7000 Sticky play button

I notice the play button on the right side is a bit sticky. It works but sometimes I have to hit two or three times. never spilled anything on the unit I’ve had it for about 3 years and it’s in excellent condition. Can I pop the button off to maybe spray a little air inside without having to open the entire unit?



Hello @ralphiedee You can spray some compressed air in it - no problem with that. But I think the button needs replacement (The micro switch = 20-50 cents on the internet).

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It could also be that the platic of the button is dammaged (hairline crack), so it does not give enough pressure to the mechanical switch. Anywhere here in the forum I had linked to a shop with DENON Spare parts … just do a search.

Spraying air is easy, I need to know if I can pop the plastic off the button and spray WITHOUT opening the unit. Anyone try this Thx R

Plasti over the switch is attached from the inside. I don’t recommend trying to pop it up…

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Thx for that as I was going to I’ll try some air R