MC7000 Power question

hi there! im having issue with my denon mc7000 it wont turn on

Do you have a voltage meter? Might want to check if your power adapter is delivering output at all. I had mine die on me (MCX8000).

Hello there i have the same problem the place i bought last year they send to my a new power supply , you need a new power supply

I just bought my MC7000 and had a similar power problem. I hooked it up and tested everything before my gig at home and the controller worked great. Got to the venue and had trouble powering it up. It kept acting like it was trying to start up or reboot. after trying a few times I let it sit a minute, then plugged it back in again and it fired up. only issue I had after that was I couldn’t get audio from line in on channels 3 & 4 and after 10 minutes or so of operation the deck would become unresponsive to USB control in Virtual DJ and what ever functions were engaged were stuck. I assumed the virtual DJ thing was a software bug or it didn’t recognize my license but the other issues are bugging me. I hooked it up last night at home again and ran it for 4 hours straight without a problem.