MC7000 not loading tracks at correct tempo w VDJ

Just picked up an MC7000 because I missed my MCX8000 so much. However, I notice that when I load a track, sometimes the tempo they load up on is not what the track BPM reads. It is anywhere between 1 and a few BPMs off (including some decimals). The pitch slider center light is lit, telling me that it is at 0. When I move the pitch slider up/down and then reset it to the center (light on again), the tempo is correct.

This happens intermittently so I cannot recreate it, but it happens within minutes of starting a set. Then it won’t happen for a while, then it will happen again. I am using VDJ and do not have any “auto match BPM” on. I have the latest firmware. Anyone ever run into this issue? Would hate to send this beautiful thing back.

Hey, it’s not a bug but a feature called soft takeover and it’s been around for 10+ years with controllers and DJ software. Please google or check VDJ manual.

does this happen with Serato DJ?

Its nothing to do with the mc7000, its your software.

I dont use VDJ, but a similar thing can happen in Serato when upgrading from one version to another. The general fix is to fully re-anaylise all tracks. That could take some time depending on the power of your laptop.

I think DJ_PaulTUK is on the right track. I am using an external drive and, though I copied all info over in the same directories as well as the database, I notice it happening on tracks I haven’t played yet. Thanks for the input. Will experiment more. Love this controller though!

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