Mc7000 firmware update

Looking For the mc7000 firmware update can anyone help with this please


You can go to the MC7000 page website, scroll down to “Latest Firmware” under the “More Information” section and then click the link to download it.

Website just changed this week. so click on Support and then Downloads.

V1.2 is the latest. Download, and read the PDF file thats included in the ZIP package before you do anything !.

Hello folks from Denon Is there comming a firmware update that will work on the mc7000 ? I meet at lot of problems with the 1.2 update and this disaperet then i downgraded to 1.0 again but now i cant adjust the sentivity on the platteres. Hope this will be solved asap :slight_smile:

Platter sensitivity setting works perfect in V2.1

You may need to do a factory reset after applying 2.1. See the PDF that comes with the firmware package. Ive been using 2.1 since the week it came out over 1.5yrs ago and dont have any issues at all.