MC7000 firmware update not recognized

Received my MC7000 today and was totally disappointed at the distorted audio coming out of the mains . I’m running a 2011 MacBook Pro w High Sierra 10.13.3. I read the blog comments and felt better knowing it was just a software update issue. The problem is that when I downloaded the firmware update from Denon, the updater states that the file chosen does not contain a firmware update. Also tried opening the file with several apps other than the utility app that could not open the sub files but they could not open it either. So now I’m stuck. Both Mic inputs work without issue as does the rca ins. Any help out there for a desperate dj and Mac neophyte. Thanks (

The downloaded file is a ZIP. You need to unzip it to get the firmware file. Then point the updater to that, and the MC7000 also needs to be in update mode also.

Read the PDF file included in the ZIP file that you download for full instructions.