MC6000MK2 Stereo/ Mono Switch

Can someone explain the operation of the Stereo/ Mono Switch for the main XLR out. In mono mode does it sum Left and Right input to one side? Which output should you use when running in Mono Mode, Left? Does this with effect the RCA output. None of this is explained in the manual or tutorials. I ask because I do several gigs with just a single PA Main speaker and in some audio tracks there is a loss of parts/ instruments when just hooking up one side. In the past I just ran Left and Right to the two inputs on the single speaker and matched volumes on the powered speaker channels. I suspect the Mono Switch on my new MK2 will allow me to just go out of either left or right XLR summing the signals.

No, it sums them but outputs through BOTH left and right XLR. Should also work for RCA master outputs.

I use Serato DJ which I often leave at Mono in the software settings.

Does this override the MK6000MK2 hardware mono/stereo switch?

Yes. But unless you’re DJing at serious multi-room venue where there are legitimate reasons to use mono - please leave your signal in stereo. So many tunes are good exactly because of those subtle stereo differences in channels.

Not to mention, such venues probably have mono summing at the amps so it makes no difference how you set your mc6000 (that is, unless you use only one xlr cable)

I dj at such a venue. where you only get one XLR cable.

said venue has 3 different rooms, 3 dj booths (one each room) and any dj can be routed to any room or multiple rooms apart from the room he/she is at.

eg there could be 2 djs booked and 1 will have to serve 2 rooms or 1 dj serving all the 3 rooms.

The speakers set up in the place is not set up for stereo in any way.

The only time I use stereo is when I’m doing mobile functions,when I set up traditionally eg 1 speaker on each side of my table.

Its only the MK6000MK2 that has this hardware mono/stereo switch. My Roland DJ 808 does not have it and I can’t remember if the MCX8000 and SX I previously owned had it

Majority of Denon mixers/standalone controllers have it, that’s why we love them. Build quality, sound quality and features often neglected by other manufacturers. Somewhat lacking software support but that’s ok, this is the gear for professionals who can make it on our own. :muscle: