MC6000mk2 DJ Controller replacement

Morning Everyone, My MC6000mk2 controller has finally died after many years of dedicated service to me. I am looking around to see what was its replacement but i am unable to successfully locate as such.

Does anyone know what controller was brought out to replace the MC6000mk2 and if that is still available today? I am going to try and claim on my equipment insurance to get it repaired or replaced but they will only do a like for like so would like this information before I speak with them so i know i am not being ripped off by them!

Thanks in advance for any help / advice.

Did you see the Prime series? If you did, presumably you think they’re not suitable. Why not?

I have a Prime 4 which i primarily use for Discos and Club work. I used my MC6000 to control Virtual DJ when doing Video work and Karaoke’s. I need something similar to this for that purpose. Just a DJ Controller and not a smart console. The Prime 4 is massive in comparison! haha…

Just need a DJ Controller which is as close as can be to the MC6000. I am aware that i can use the P4 with VDJ but i prefer to use it for its primary purpose which is a standalone machine.

Ah well Denon have gone the way of the smart console, so are you open to using products from other providers? There are literally hundreds of controllers supported by VDJ so the world is your lobster.

The MC7000 was the obvious replacement from Denon, but it’s a lot larger & may even have been discontinued.

I think the only decent quality 4 channel controller with a similar footprint to the MC6000 is the Roland DJ 707-M

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The 707M looks like a solid replacement

Just had a quick look on the Numark side of things…NS6//

not sure what the footprint is like though