Mc6000 mk3?

Would we ever see a mc6000 mk3??? I love the mk2 it has everything you need from a controller, and it even has 4 channels in a quite small case, i mean it can fit in my schoolbag, I really hope to see a mk3 in the near future

Denon have still got one current midi-only controller on the market, the mc7000 but it’s huge compared to an mc6000.

Everything else denon make now is smart / standalone, rather than just midi.

Some of the smart consoles , like the Prime 4, can be used in “thick mode” so it can just pretend to be a load of buttons and encoders for midi software to look at, instead of a smart/standalone console. But obviously “smart” comes at a cost although that does give you a fall back or backup for when the laptop goes mad.