MC6000 MK2 djay pro mapping

HI Everyone My name’s Marc , i’m new here . thanks to everyone who could help me . Sorry for my bad english . It’s already complicated to explain it in french , what to say about writing in English . SO will try to do my best . I’m looking for a djay pro mapping , especially with the effect sections . I don’t know how to do to assign the knob or button to the good deck . I know how to do to for example for the deck 3 , but when i go to work on deck one , if i move the effect section’s know , it’s still on the deck one that it is working … Hope you understand …

i’m working on a MacBook Pro . I know i could work with serato , but i really appreciate the spotify access on djay pro.

Any help would be appreciated . Best M

The MC6000 mk2 is natively supported by DJay Pro for Mac. Which version are you looking for?

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version 1.4.3