MC4000 will it fully run Serato DJ Pro 2.0?

My MC4000 seems to run Serato Lite fine, but will it run Pro 2.0 Just asking before I purchase. I currently run VDJ 8. I’m wanting to “play” with the new Serato upgrade. Thanks!

I am running Serato Pro right now on another setup but I’ll hook up the MC4000 tonight and get back with you.

Thank you BradG!

Working perfect Cool. :wink:. IMO the 4000 is such a great gigging controller!

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Good news! Thank you BradG! I agree!

i ran serato dj pro with my denon mc4000 ive so many problems with it i had to down grade back to serato dj dont up hrade

Interesting. Can you share details. I havent had any problems

serato is trash… “Upgrade” to Virtual DJ i use the MC4000 & been DJing with VDJ since the day i bought it…

well it freezes screen cant do any thing even mc 4000 freezes when I turn on mc4000 error xml i have to shut down serato n restart suck when I doing a gig embarrassing it happend a few times

Sorry, very late on this one. Chimed out for a while. Did you ever get this solved? It just sounds like a driver issue