MC4000 microphones too loud

Hello All,

I have a Shure wireless pg4 receiver plugged into my MC4000 deck and both volume knobs are way to loud when I try to talk. I have the master volume at 12 and the mic knobs are barely turned up and they are really hot. Is there a firmware update in the works for this? I’ve used this microphone on plenty of other sound board with no issues of being loud.


Most wireless Mics have a control on the receiver which allows their output to be reduced, thereby matching the near infinite number of mixers and devicesthat the mic receiver could be plugged into. Simply adjust that control to suit.

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no there is no firmware because ive searched all over LOL… i also dj with the mc4000 & use a Shure pg4 with sm58 mic the denon controllers are know for very hot mic outputs. my master is also set @ 12 all we really can do is flick the switch in the mic head from 0db to -10db

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Hey Gee, this particular model does not have an output adjust.

You can get an in-line attenuator similar to this to reduce the input signal.

I use one to reduce my line mic input to both the MC6000 & MCX8000

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That’s a good idea, I didn’t think about that.

Thought about this as well as I have found the mic input to hot.

Are you also plugging in a wireless mic receiver?