MC4000 MacBook Connection issue

Dear Community,

just became a proud owner of the Denon MC4000 but have some serious issues: for some reason I cannot connect my MC4000 to my MacBook Pro, 2015, Running on OsCatalina 10.15. I’ve connected it with a type A to type B usb cable, but whenever I switch on the controller, it blinks and afterwards I only see the sync buttons and the orange Back/ load buttons illuminated. I can’t do anything, even if I play a sound on Serato and switch my output to MC4000 it does not give me any sounds on my headphones. Quite lost with this…

Does any of you guys have an idea on how to solve this? Firmware update, MIDI Settings, anything like that? Im lost, really.

Don’t want to return that beautiful product…


Regards, Mario

Are you using ‘Serato DJ Lite’ or ‘Serato DJ Pro’? The MC4000 is enable for LITE. You’ll have purchase Serato DJ Pro in order for it to work with the 4000 ($129 one-time or $9.99/mo subscription from Serato).

Im currently on the Serato DJ pro 14 days Test period. Nevertheless, there is no sound at all and the mc4000 does not do anything.

Please share a screenshot of your Serato screen when connected to the MC4000 if you can.

Also, there is a know issue with Serato and Catalina 10.15. Make sure that you follow the directions in this Serato article:

Apparently, there are a number of other Serato/Catalina issues. Check the ‘Related’ links below the article to ensure that all of you settings are correct.