MC4000 Buzzing noise through every output

My MC4000 is making a buzzing/hum noise through the speakers that gets louder as you turn up any output (master/mic etc). It happens regardless of which output is used (master XLR, RCA etc).

I’ve tried different cables, running through a power bar/surge protector and not…The setup works fine with my other controller.

I’ve only used this thing twice (it’s my backup for gigs) and it sounds like hot garbage.

Try without laptop charger, just on battery power.

Thanks, but I guess I should’ve mentioned that this happens before a laptop is even connected.

You might have done this too, but

Try plugging in just headphones and the mc4000 power supply (it looks the same as a laptop power supply, so be careful not to mix the little power plugs up… you could fry your laptop with the mc4000 power plug or fry your mc4000 with the laptop power supply) - have no other leads plugged into speaker or amps or CD players or mics (especially not phantom mics)

Do you hear the bad noise even then, through the headphones?

Then all you can do to troubleshoot is: 1.test a different power supply 2.test in a different venue

After that all you can do is send it to get services.