Mc2000 asio error


every time i want to use the mc2000 i must re install the asio drivers can some one help me??

greet erwin

Not without some relevant information.

If you’re trying to use the MC2000 on a new (64 bit) computer, maybe the drivers don’t support the new OS, or are 32 bit only.

use windows 8.1 (64 bit) and traktor 2.6.8

From a quick Google, the requirements list XP, Vista and Windows 7, so the drivers are probably 32 bit.

ah ok thanks for the reply

Try using the generic ASIO4ALL drivers if Denon ones are giving you issues.

…but ASIO4ALL is not an ASIO driver. It’s just an emulator which uses the standard Windows WDM driver. The purpose is to allow ASIO-only software (which no longer exists) to use a non-ASIO audio interface, by fooling the software into thinking there’s an ASIO driver. There isn’t.

WASAPI is the way to go.

Cool additional info if somebody did not know that.

For the OP: point is that you can use other drivers, especially if super low latency for scratching (<10ms) on jogwheels is not a no.1 priority.