MC 3000 supported in latest Serato DJ/PRO?

Is this legacy controller still supported?

MC3000 was never supported in Serato DJ.

You can use it with VDJ or Traktor (I think i saw mapping file for TP2 2.6.x version but with some remapping you could probably use it in TP3 even)

Yeah I saw that.

The reason I ask is because I have a MC 3000 I’d like to keep using while mobile, but buy a Prime 4 for my home setup. It would be nice if they could use a common database for starts. I suppose if VDJ ever finishes the port on the Prime 4 in our lifetime, i’d be covered because it will support both controllers.

Frankly I am quite displeased with all the HW manufactures not supporting open APIs. This SW exclusivity non-sense only hurts them in my opinion. If Denon had universal support via an open API that allowed VDJ, Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox and others to do easy porting to their platform it would become quite popular with many DJs. What the controller manufacturers needs is a industry wide open API standard.

Also, the way they allowed DJ’s on the MCX 8000 seamlessly switch between standalone and external SW host was a really good approach because any DJ will tell you that when you switch over to the next DJ, they will bring their own media/SW platform, so why not embrace this? Its what happens in real life.

But I suppose there always the old tried n’ true of swapping audio cables…


It’s finished and working. The delay in making it native is being caused by Denon.

Some people do have the P4 working fully with VDJ, using the files which were briefly available before Denon pulled the plug.


Yes, I am aware of the VDJ development drama with Denon. I know it fully worked briefly, until Denon changed the API and disabled the HID display. An unfortunate move and if they had a technical reason for doing so, they show transparency as to the reason why. According to many people, Denon stated early on that VDJ support on the Prime 4 was coming in the future.

Again, if they had simply promoted an “Open Prime API” allowing the various SW vendors port their solutions independently the world would be very different…