“matching tracks to play next”

In the search tab on the SC6000 & other Denon Players.

Needs to have a feature that would recommend matching tracks to play next.

Using data from the current playing track.

Also “matching tracks to play next” can be exported as a playlist while DJ’ing.

This would avoid searching through large collections.

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There’s a form with some curated questions to be completed when making requests.

Also, unless you’re hoping that the “what should I play next?” feature is only going to bring up one song suggestion (in which case, there’s little point in a DJ being there still) you need to expect that the results could contain hundreds of suitable tracks based on compatible key and bpm scope.

Check the requests section to see if you idea has already been requested, if it has, add your vote. If it hasn’t , fill out the form and see if people will vote for it.

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If you’re stuck on what to play next. Look for a track in the same or corrosponding key and similar bpm (say no more than 8bpm either way) you will be surprised at your ability to just “jump” genres or decades. If your really stuck then try using tunebat it will give you about a dozen or so compatable songs.

Its a very hard skill to teach someone “reading the floor” and knowing where you are going in say five minutes time.

The art of dj’ing is to " take your audience on a musical journey" dont burn them out too quick but dont play slow stuff all night (fineite balance). A revolving dance floor is the best gameplan. That is keep the youngsters on floor while oldies are at bar. Then flip it, get oldies on floor and youngsters at bar. You may look brilliant having a full floor all night BUT the bar isnt going to be your friend if you dont give them the chance to earn money selling drinks all night.

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