Master Volume in Headphones Low / Cue Volume Loud

Yes the gains on each channel are set correctly. It just started doing this. Recently ive had to turn my headphones all the way up to hear at a descent level. The cue volume is playing much louder and yes i have the master nob turned all the way to the master side.


What is the device, that you use?

It is a Denon DJ Prime Go

Try to re-install the software and check again.

Hey @Geaux_DJ - Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues. If the problems persist I would suggest contacting out team via Support : Denon DJ and creating a ticket. They’re pretty good about getting back to everyone regarding hardware issues.

Yes i did that… tech support suggest i update to 2.2.2 which I did but nothing changed.

Ok please dont take this the wrong way. Have you checked your hearing lately. I have known people go partially deaf literally overnight due to the loudness of music. Its possible (note POSSIBLE ) that you have damaged your ears and not realised it.

Yes i have done that and they have had no luck with a solution yet.