Master output failed a few times today


this happens not the first time to me, but the first time its happening in the middle of a gig after a few hours…

Usually when I get this error, it’s after I have all set up. After I reboot my windows 10 PC and the mcx8000, I don’t have this problem anymore.

Now I’m at a wedding and I had this happen for the 2nd time now, that there is no master output in the middle of the song. I still get the signal on the channels but not on the master. Restarting the unit and Serato helped but how long until it happens the next time?

I’m running the latest Windows update, Serato 2.05. Dunno about the latest firmware but it’s primed.

thanks for the help! Dave

I just used my Denon MCX8000 live 3 time last weekend for the first time. I was doing a Class Reunion and we left the room and came back. When I came back and went to play a song, I could see the volume meter working on the channel but, not the main output. I did reboot my PC and it worked after that. That was with using Serato by the way when it happened. I think it was possible that it was Hard Drive related. Like my WD Hard Drives goes into sleep mode if it’s not being used. I have since set my Hard Drive to always spin. I have not been put in the same situation to test this out but, maybe your issue is hard drive related. Is it happening after you do a toast or speeches? You could also try to go in the device manager and completely remove the Denon MCX8000 controller and reinstall it with a fresh driver copy and see if it helps.

Easy all,

Yesterday I bought a new one, and this issue occurred twice out of the blue while playing! Is it related to firmware update? To be honest I still didn’t update it! Would appreciate any insights.

Cheers, H