Master Out or Booth Out?

Wäre es besser anstelle des Master Out lieber den Booth Out zu nutzen. So könnte man für alle Kanäle die Low und High Regler nutzen.

Hat es Nachteile den Booth Out zu nutzen ?

Would it be better to use the booth out instead of the master out. So you could use the low and high controls for all channels.

Are there any disadvantages to using the booth out?

No, no disadvantages. The only reason to prefer MASTER output is that it is also available in RCA.

Generally you don’t need to adjust the bass and treble in the master output, as this is already adjusted on the final amps or main equalizer of the club you are in. Instead the speakers in the booth can be adjusted as desired by the DJ to hear more or less bass, so there is adjustment.


Ok, very good to hear. At weddings it is sometimes necessary to simply minimize all bass. And then the booth exit makes more sense. It is easier to turn everything down centrally than to regulate each channel individually.

Hello @DJ-Mario,

I agree with @DjAj’s answer. If you plan to use the Booth Out as your main feed to the crowd, be sure to go into the UTILITIES menu and turn on SEND MIC TO BOOTH so that the crowd will be able to hear wait is said on the microphone.

Good luck!

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