Master Collection for External Drives

Hello. It is possible to implement a easy way to choose a external drive as the main library for Engine DJ music collection? After changing to a newer Mac I can’t work locally on the drive do to space issues. I’ve tried to work directly with playlist on the drive, but that’s not very convenient as the export not function well. The remove from Playlist not function as well. And sometimes tracks will get on the OS drive. I just want to drag and drop into playlist and let the music be on the external drive. And then export to my other SSD in my SC6000 or SC card. I think this will help many people having issues with relocate tracks all the time as well. When u know everything is on the main collection drive.

Well you fant actually designate"only look here"

BUT you can put all you music in an external and give it a uniquie name IE MASTER LIBRARY then work on that drive plugged into usb. You can then clone drive as backup and plug drive into prime. Thats the way i work it. Downloads onto one external

Library on another drive with master collection playlist ( crate ) and seperate playlists ( crates) made from there

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