Master Beat Counter Displaying Incorrectly SC5000M

Now that the beat Counter and master work independently of sync mode which is great except it seems to only work half the time.

Normally on the master deck the green and white bars stay paired and the secondary deck will show the bars separated until you’ve matched your beat to the master.

Now what’s happening to me is that the master says that it isn’t matched to itself showing the green and white bars out of alignment.

This makes mixing in a second track less fluid and defeats the purpose of the beat Counter/bars.

If I notice it I can pitch bend +/- the master so it matches itself in the beat counter and then mix in the track. Then it stays that way for a few songs and gets weird again.

If I stop playing the song and then start playing again it also corrects the problem, but that doesn’t work in a live set.

Are other people experiencing this issue?

The beat counter blocks depend on the beat grid. If it’s not aligned correctly it will not follow the beat of the track, but only the grid it self. This will definitely throw you off beat when using only this method.

Check your tracks for proper beat grid. Then It should work correctly.

I understand that, but this issue is different- the beatgrids are just fine, the phasing of the beat counter isn’t properly displaying in the way master and slave should display. It happens randomly when mixing even in songs that worked fine 20 minutes before. Here’s what’s going on:

When only one song is playing the white and green boxes should be in perfect alignment. There is only a master. The Master should always display that way.

When adding a second track,before matching beats- the green and white boxes will be out of alignment this is how the slave deck is supposed to work.

Now, my issue is that when hitting play on the second deck the master suddenly goes out of sync with itself in the display as if the master deck became the slave deck except that the master still lists itself as master and not a slave. A song can’t be out of phase with itself even with a horrible grid.

Nothing happens to the audio when this glitch happens just the beat phase display suddenly gets confused and it looks like both decks are now slaves to eachother with no master. From this point on the beat/phase meter no longer functions until the master deck has stopped and started playing again.

If I double tap play on the master deck it corrects the whole issue. But this can’t be done mid mix without messing things up and this makes the feature far less useful if it doesn’t reliably work. This happens every other time I mix.

Just to clarify, this is without sync on.