Mapping of SC3900 (solved)


Post 20 Mar 2013 07:51

hi guys Would someone be kind enough to tell me why my SC3900 are no longer mapped.

DJ_Boothe Post 20 Mar 2013 08:06

Sure, it’s Auto Unmap Wednesday of course. :lol:

Sorry. :Lol: But you’ll have to give us more information than that. Eg, what “DJ” software you’re using, what version number of that software, what config options and map/skin you were using, what changes have occured to your lappy/operating system, “DJ” software whether you’ve added other midi devices or software to the lappy, etc. and…how this “unmapping” is showing itself to you eg: buttons don’t work, or no audio is coming out, or the “DJ” software is only seeing some button presses and not others etc.

Or maybe just the midi channel has accidentally been changed


Post 20 Mar 2013 10:26

Good one! You got me there :lol:Please pardon my idiocy…i have a pair of SC3900’s,a DN-X1700 MIXER,Denon HC1000S controller,Serato SL2 version 2.4.4.(latest) and a Macbook Pro version 10.7.5 There have been no changes made to my laptop.I have been trying to get ENGINE running but i am currently struggling with loading of tracks to the DDJ LIBRARY.The only buttons that are mapped on the 3900’S are ‘PLAY’ and ‘CUE’…pitch works as well.The rest of the buttons aren’t mapped I’m afraid. I have taught myself successfully how to connect the hardware and software.This success has lasted for several months,until three days ago.Perhaps i have unknowingly un-mapped the players…if so,i have no idea how i brought this about.I just switched everything on and the players were no longer mapped.I am not very eloquent with describing all of this but i hope you will understand.I have been on this forum since January 2013 and the assistance i have received thusfar has been phenomenal… Your patience and understanding is much appreciated

DJ_Boothe Post 20 Mar 2013 11:14

Hi Sven

Ok, so its not “Auto unmap Wednesday” really then :smiley:

I’d be tempted to re-check the USB cables, making sure that any hubs that you might not have used before for the DJ side of things (but may have used for trivial, low traffic things like mouse/printers etc) are still only being used as they were before (eg: Not the mixer, sub-controller and players all plugged into an unpowered hub etc).

If you’ve been plugging/unplugging things recently to try out Engine (which is the way I’d rather progress with, instead of some of the “DJ” software routes) its possible a usb lead (even maybe a duff lead) might have ended up somewhere it shouldnt. Remember too that many lappys (even the pretty white ones with fruit on the outside) dont always have the same USB connectivity through all of their USB ports - EG: Some lappys with 4 usb ports, might have 2 “full” usb ports and 2 usb ports with less specification. So if you used to plug your 3900’s into the left usb of a lappy, but since the last re-wire/testing, its now plugged in the right usb…

Also try taking all the midi items off of the lappy, and adding one back on at a time.

Try also checking the midi channels that you’ve got the 3900’s assigned to within their Preset Menu.


Thank you !I forgot to mention the MIDI channels of the players are “5” and “6”…Your reasoning makes sense to me as i now recall unplugging all the USB cables from the hub.I could have plugged them back incorrectly.I will take your advice and post the outcome. Thanks a million Sven

DENON DENON User avatar ** The main man ** Posts: 16583 Joined: 07 Sep 2005 11:59 Location: New Jersey, USA Location: Mahwah, New Jersey, USA Type of DJ: Producer / Remixer Post 23 Mar 2013 17:13 Re: Mapping of SC3900 sven wrote: Hi I did as you instructed and i find that everything is still the same.Let me also say that i find it odd that “PLAY”,“CUE”,“REVERSE” and the platter are “mapped”,they work…but i cannot use the hot cue sample slot,loop,tap,browse and track selection/forward/backward. Can anyone tell me why some functions are mapped and not others?Perhaps i should try to MIDI ASSIGN the problematic buttons using SERATO’S MIDI ASSIGN MODE?

You should not need to MIDI map anything, just load the MIDI xml file and go, it works. Did you try to map/learn on top of our MIDI file? (maybe thats the problem?) Delete the mapping file from the serato MIDI folder and download a fresh new copy, then load it again.

All is not lost however…while i am experiencing this problem,my DN-HC1000S CONTROLLER works flawlessly…


By chance, is the HC1000S connected while the Decks are connected? If yes, can you try without the HC1000s and report back, thanks. sven

Post 24 Mar 2013 11:13

Good day everyone. The HC1000s was connected each time i tried to solve this problem.I disconnected it,i deleted the mapping file from the Serato Midi Folder,downloaded a new copy and finally loaded the new copy to Serato. Immediately my players were mapped!You guys should have seen my smile! I then re-connected the HC1000s controller to see how everything works…what i found left me feeling like such a idiot.

The SC3900 players are not mapped while the HC1000s is connected.In other words,everything was working like it should…i just never realized that i cannot use the HOT CUES,LOOP,BROWSE functions etc while the HC1000s was connected.All this time i was using everything connected and never stumbled across this “problem” until a week ago. I was of the impression that with the players and the HC1000s connected,i could use ALL the functions on the controller as well as the payers…but i have deduced that some of the buttons would be redundant if the players and the controller were connected. You guys have taught me so much here! For this i thank you!

Feliciano21 Post 24 Mar 2013 16:12

Glad to hear everything is working for you Sven

DENON Post 24 Mar 2013 16:52 Re: Mapping of SC3900 They should work together. What SSL version are you using?

sven Post 25 Mar 2013 04:21

I was afraid you might say that…I recently updated Serato to version 2.4.4 Thanks

Just gotta reach out to all of you guys who assisted me with this problem and say Thanks a million!!! I switched everything off and switched it on again and i can now say that everything works as it should the players are mapped and i can command functions on the players as well as the HC1000S. I have no idea what i would have done without your help.


Feliciano21 Post 28 Mar 2013 20:40

Glad to hear everything is working Sven