Mapping jog-wheel with Serato

Sappy 09 Feb 2014 22:09

Hi folks, I have only one problem after mapping Serato/Denon mc6000 (MacBook Pro medio 2011)

All the lights are working, all functions are working, but the jog-wheel acts crazy…even if I turn it one way all the time only, it goes right left left right right right left left right (well you got the point)…if I do turn the jog-wheel really slowly it goes the correct way to both sides.

The procedure: – I close Serato – I go to my Mac /HD/Music/Serato and delete the midi map – I also do this at the Serato backup map – I open Serato and I do check if the MIDI map in the setup is deleted – I close Serato – I do make a new MIDI map in Serato – I add the mapping file to the MIDI map – I do open Serato, enter the setup and the MIDI section, and I load the mapping file …still the jog-wheel acts crazy!!

Here’s a little video about the crazy jog-wheel

To download press “Click here to start download from sendspace”

I need help, anyone thanks in advance…!

DENON 11 Feb 2014 18:04

Jog wheels cannot be mapped per Serato mapping rules, thanks for your post and welcome to the forum.

Please consider the MC6000MK2 for full Serato DJ support.