Manufacturing "tolerance" and HUGE Quality issues with Denon

All three products are purchased 4 months ago and came with issues or developed in case of mixer;

  1. SC 6000#1: Ratling jog wheel (scratching like noise from tension mechanism), the player randomly reboots into some kind of diagnostics menu, keypad ‘‘HOTCUE, LOOP, ROLL…’’ came with scratched keypads like I bought some Frankenstein piece of hardware… ALL ISSUES COME STRAIGHT FROM THE BOX!

  2. SC 6000#2: Jog is loose, I mean LOOOOSE, moving up and down about centimeter, touch is interrupted in random intervals and tension doesn’t match ANY other SC6000 I have worked on before. ALL ISSUES COME STRAIGHT FROM THE BOX!

  3. X-1800: (I bought It because there is no 1850 to get and I’m a complete idiot). So this is my second X-1800 (and the last of any 18xx), mixer developed a clicking noise today like something is welding inside, I’m not sure It gonna last over the next bookings

I’ll return everything back as a warranty, but I expect somebody from Denon to explain me;Ž

  1. What the heck is going on with your quality control

  2. Do you even care about the durability of equipment?

  3. Can you answer me how long will repairs take, since nobody from a dealer on doesn’t have a clue? I’m just postponing the warranty to avoid losing the booking with equipment in service.

  4. Is send In warranty service possible, don’t wanna even TALK to the dealer which is telling me ‘’ It’s gonna pass, jogs gonna burn in over time, while equipment is falling apart’’


Just to keep things in context, this is not my first set of equipment from new and old Denon, I know where Denon fits and I’m a HUGE fan no matter the shortcomings of any sort, but BASIC QUALITY must be in place, this is no peanut money equipment and demands are high.

Hey @Comitex would you mind creating a support ticket so we can get this resolved for you please? You may use this link → Submit a ticket : Denon DJ

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Maybe I’m bit hard to understand due to my language is crap, but your support said to me wobbly jog is within manufacturing tolerances and other is ‘‘worth to take look at It’’.

If I need to spend another minute on support, I would like to speak with someone who can actually help me out and skip the dealer who is also telling me ‘‘jogs gonna burn in…’’

post the ticket number here if you have one already and I will help you moving forward.

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Denon DJ - SC6000 PRIME - Ticket 60164 Resolved

How was this resolved? I have had 5 SC6000’s and I have never had a consistent set, one job is loose, and the other jog I can hear grinding noises, and tension in the knobs are different on both. It’s so frustrating. I have had mine since they came out and it has been nothing but a nightmare.

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Same issue here. bought 2 Sc6000 a month ago and both of them have different problems. One has jog wheel issue stutter in vinyl mode when hand on jog wheel and the other one stop half way through track playing. spoken to technical support sent videos it looks like hard wear issue on both what are the chances of that. I Think Denon DJ must have high NCR count on these units. At the moment i don’t have confidence in the Denon stuff done the move from rane thinking denon would be better. Trying to send them back where i bought them but they are dragging their heels on it. Waiting now for uk denon support to get back to me. At the moment i have 2 bricks and a working mixer.So the question is would i recommend denon to anyone else? No not at the moment until they sort these quality issues out.

The ticket was resolved not an issue, this is how denon handles things