Manual loop out button restart track

Hi, When make a manual loop, to exit I press loop out, but if for press 2 times by error or simple pressing thinking still in a loop, then the track restart to the beginning. Is it possible to disable this? Thanks

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I believe you can just push in the knob to exit the loop, right?

Yeah this is annoying.

  1. I believe you’ll find this happens less if you update to the newest firmware, 1.4
  2. As Reticuli says, you should press the loop encoder (dial above the in/out buttons) to exit a loop. That’s the actual official way. Pressing the out button will either set the end of a new loop or let you adjust the end of a loop that you’re already in.
  3. Still, the behavior you highlight is really weird and annoying — if there’s no loop and you press “out” it assumes you wan the “in” to be the beginning of the track, and it starts over. It’s weird behavior and very disruptive if you hit it when you don’t want to! I don’t understand why that’s how it works.

And no, there’s no way to disable this :confused:

That’s exactly how Pioneer does it. Nothing weird about it.

If you want to set a smart loop, you just push in the loop encoder. You want it off, push it again. Couldn’t be more logical.

Ah okay! Thanks for clarifying that the thing that is confusing to multiple people in this thread is in FACT not confusing or annoying. Glad you have an inside line on our experience …

To be clear, the op is not about smart loops, it’s about manual in/out loops.

And to be clear, just because it’s something pioneer does doesn’t mean it’s logical to folks who are new to the system. One of denon’s great opportunities here is to make a better interface, which they’ve done in many other ways.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s manual or smart. If you want a manual loop, you set the In and Out points. If you don’t set the In point, it will use the cue. If it’s manual and not a smart loop of as specific size, why wouldn’t it do that? The use of the cue as the In by default (and vice versa) is also how it’s done on old Denon and Hanpin (Reloop, American Audio, Omnitronic, Akiyama, Stanton, DJ Tech, etc). The only difference here from these others is you have a rotary encoder for changing the loop size that acts as the loop on/off when you push it. If you want to set a smart loop, you don’t have to hit In, rather you just turn a loop on by pushing the encoder. The encoder instead of a loop/exit button is a new idea. Hitting shift and being able to move it around with the encoder is new. The utility options for both smart loops and the way In affects cue is new, too. What is your idea to do this better than the current arrangement?