Making a change in the Software and having it turn up on the USB - tempo change?

Thanks for everyones help for getting used to the Denon echo system.

I was wondering if people have syncing tips… specifically: When I go to practice my set on the Prime 4 a few tracks are half the tempo. If I hit snyc its over and the track is playing double speed. Even if I hit Edit Grid and doulbe the tempo that just changes the grid resolution and the playback speed is still 2X as fast. SO I go back to the software and change the tempo there in the playlist and then re-sync the USB but when I put it back in Prime 4 the tempo did not change its only half… what is the sure way to sync it up?

You can double / half the analysed BPM on the decks themselves in the Beatgrid options

You can also define a BPM range for auto analysis in Engine DJ to prevent tracks that are say 120 bpm showing up as 60 or 240 by picking a suitable BPM range

half/double time sync feature will come handy.

My Tracks are already analysed and when I half/double the speed does not change only the grid… maybe if I don’t hit sync first? or I can try and re analyse the track on the hardware…

@mufasa engine has 3 sync modes; grid, beat or Bar. Which one doesn’t double the speed of half tracks?

None, I’m afraid.

The link I posted is a feature request for smart sync half time/ double time sync. you can vote and comment on the thread if you think it would be helpful.

e.g. if a track is 64bpm and you want to sync it to a 130bpm track, smart sync will push the 64bpm to 65bpm, instead of pushing it all the way to 130.

did you try changing the bpm (double or half) before pressing sync.