Low Volume Out Of MC4000

I’m having a volume issue and hopefully can get some help. I have a MC4000 and everything worked great for a long time. I have it running through a Pyle FX Mixer. I don’t remember changing anything and last week the volume coming out is nowhere what it use to be. I have been forced to keep USB plugged in to just have control of the controller but volume is now coming out of laptop right into the tape out on the mixer. It’s 10 times louder this way. I’ve tried redownloading the Firmware and still the same result. I apologize in advance if this was not written properly or I didn’t supply enough info. Any help is appreciated.

Also too add, even when I don’t use the mixer and go right from controller to speakers (xlr) it’s lower than it use to be.

What software are you running it through ?? You haven’t accidently adjusted the gain out on the software have you??

VDJ and I’ve checked all the knobs and gains. It happens when I run from controller to speakers and also when I do controller/mixer/speakers

That does sort of lead to the software rather than hardware. What operating system??? Has it recently updated??? If windows try reinstalling the asio drivers. Also in vdj check all settings in settings tab not just on main gui… Try laptop to speakers if possible. It may be those going down if you have any settings on speakers (assuming active) them try resetting all those. If passive check amps. Try changing leads to speakers (xlr or rca) try different usb lead. Just running through all test procedures not trying to lecture.

When fault finding start at the source and add in bits when proven to work before the addin

Thank you for the feedback, I very much appreciate it. I should also mention that it works fine if I go laptop/mixer (tape out)/speakers

I have to check about you other questions. Windows 10 I believe. Sorry but I don’t know about computers, but learning. Good news is I don’t have events this weekend, so I nice break to mess around with it all.

If its windows 10 then that could be the issue. Reinstall the asio drivers. Then Google how to STOP windows 10 from updating these drivers.

You have to remember bill gates ain’t a dj lol. He doesn’t care whether his updated drivers work with your equipment. Wheras your equipment DOES care about whether the drivers work.

Easiest way would be delete the drivers for the 4000 and reinstall them, then test it if it works as said stop windows updating these files.

You could try downloading serato just to test gear (You will get the lite version which will suffice for testing purposes)

Thank you very much for this info and your time. Will look into this over the next day or two.

No problem. Let us know how you get on.