Lost my Denon DJ lanyard 😢

With my Denon Prime Go I got a neat “Denon DJ” branded keychain lanyard (black with white text) which I always used and loved. And it got quite the attention. Now I lost it, miss it and since then my life has not been the same. :expressionless: :wink: Anyone know how to get my hands on one again? I’m in Germany if that matters. Maybe inMusic GmbH has a bunch lying around on some storage box?

A few years back there was a Denon DJ Online store for merch, but it appears they shut it down.

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Moin @Nonip,

easy action: contact InMusic in Krefeld, and ask them for this little give away. I think, they will send you this keychain beside some stickers …

Good luck and brgds from HAM


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Moin und danke @BeatMaster :slight_smile:

Do you have an email address straight to them? I can’t find one, just to the International HQ. If it’s not official maybe you can send it via PM?


Hi :raising_hand_woman:t2::purple_heart:

is it a black lanyard with white DENON DJ letters? There is currently one for sale on ebay together with the manual for the SC6000 player and stickers … item number 276402811071 … if you don’t mind the cost.

I have one of these lanyards too, it came with my first SC6000M player, there was none included with the second player that I bought a little later, so I have only one … maybe Denon DJ ran out of lanyards? However, if all fails and you really miss it that much, DM me and I will send you mine :relieved: … it has been with me on every underground party since I got it, maybe the smell of a foggy trance arena surrounds it. :white_heart:

Alles wird gut! :four_leaf_clover:

Parysatis :purple_heart:


Hey @Parysatis - thanks for the reply, it is indeed the black & white one. Amazing that you found one on Ebay. It’s in the UK though so a bit pricey with delivery but it’s super nice of you even looking for one for me.

If your lanyard has been with you all this time you MUST keep it forever! I’ll ask inMusic GmbH as @BeatMaster suggested. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.

Thanks to your moral support and keep the trance pumping. That reminds me I haven’t been to Mystic Rose/Friday for years but every now and then there are forest parties outside Berlin where I am situated now, which is more in suit with what I grew up with back in Scandinavia.

The key strap mission continues. :smiley:


This thread has made me realise - I have a good collection of lanyards, from years of going to trade shows, but I don’t have a Denon one. :cry:

I hope one of the @admins can help you!!

Here’s the direct link;

… then it is a good thing to pass it on to a fellow DJ. :blush:

Have you heard anything from the Denon DJ team or the inMusic office yet? At the end of this story, you will have a Denon DJ lanyard, one way or another, … as I said: Alles wird gut! :four_leaf_clover:

Parysatis :purple_heart: