Lost everything

Ok got a gig in 4 hours. And library of 1tb as just gone and given me the corrupt notice in engine and no tracks are showing. For no reason whatsoever Ideas on what to do. This system us completly ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.
It needs a serious overhaul. In fact ■■■■ this ■■■■ any more im selking the prime 4s and going over to pioneer. sorry denon but this is too much now. How do i get my library back QUICKLY resyncing etc isnt going to happen in time and my library is on various hard drives. Yes i have a backup but not enough time to clone it in. All i did was select a track that i played earlier and it just all disapeared. Anyone got any ideas.

Assuming the tracks are still on your drive… Scan your drive’s file table system for errors with your OS. Go into Engine Desktop settings and turn off analysis. Exit Engine. Rename the drive’s Engine folder with the appended “bck” or something, go back into Engine, and then see if it can at least redo the library scanning (drag and drop all folders from drive into Engine) without track analysis that will take too long. At least you will be able to search the drive during the gig. The track import and database creation may be quick enough that you can try to recreate some of your playlists, too.

This is why I want NTFS-reading and general read-only modes, btw. The constant writes can mess stuff up. Similar problems on other brands.

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No there is litetally NOTHING. I have an engine folder that all shows zero bytes. And the “music folder” where the tracks were after export from prime (which was full and working ok) is now not there its gone. Both in prime and remove hard drive and plug into external case. All tracks were good. Its like prime 4s has just decided bolloks to you and deleted the lot.yet i was playing quite normally no glitches no warning select a track i played earlier and BOSH it comes up with your database is corrupt and its all gone. No lappy connected no internet connected just pure stand-alone

Sounds like file table corruption. Sorry. Try to have backups in the future. Again, this is why I hate DJ equipment doing constant writes to drives. In my experience, eventually this sort of stuff always happens. Maybe Pioneer doesn’t do it as much as Gemini and new Denon DJ, but Pioneer usually requires explicit cue saving, for instance, and doesn’t do it all automatically. When Prime first sees a drive each time, it should ask whether we allow writes or not.

Never heard of music files disappearing. That’s new.

Is the Prime4 drive an SSD?

@mufasa yes a samsung 870 qvo. Its literally completly empty. Its like the prime4 has jyst deleted the lot and upgraded database hence the zero byte files

Probably not completely empty. You could try TestDisk - CGSecurity to see if the file table can be salvaged. If not, the files could be salvaged down the line using its accompanying utilities, too, but since you exported the tracks to this Prime 4 drive (I personally never export anything, rather I create databases on big drives), then there’s no point in that since you apparently have a master library. If your master library was on an external drive or in a format that Prime can see, you could always try connecting that directly to the Prime 4 to see if it can read that, but then you risk that file table getting corrupted.

As last resort, there is Prime 4 controller mode and use your master library with a laptop, right?

Mmmm just going have to ■■■■ this one up i reckon and transfer what i can. Thanks denon… much appriciated. Maybe your staff could actually write something that works PROPERLY as advertised. And not worry about putting fancy bits in until you have nailed down the absolute basics of the software. At the moment i feel like selling the prime4s as the are now untrustable. If this happened during a gig then ■■■ are you meant to do apart from look an idiot and loose denon a lot of reputation

As last resort, there is Prime 4 controller mode and use your master library with a laptop, right? Currently we still don’t have ethernet track offloading, which would be another option if you don’t have DJ software. We do have dropbox, though, and the streaming services maybe you could fall back on.

Even on my MCX8000 I keep an exact clone of my pen drive as an instant backup.

I know you shouldn’t have to do this but after having several corrupt databases I now know better.

Good luck for tonight but it’s a warning that this standalone system isn’t as infallible as people think it is. That’s why I would never go down this route in case it all craps out at or just before a gig. Denon know full well there are stability issues but don’t take it that seriously.

@Reticuli . That is basicly my last resort is going onto serato with them. Which makes it pointless buying a standalone …

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It’s not Denon that gets the blame, it’s you.

Exactly @kradcliffe . Do denon care… do they ■■■■…

More worried about stupid things as addons rather than nailing the basics down.

I rarely had issues like this with Pioneer, but occasionally they still happened because they still do some automatic writes. Eventually, there is always a risk to writes.

Gemini was just as risky as Prime initially. I figured out this issue well enough that I did a bunch of NTFS big drives for the Geminis that do read-only for that format and they never became corrupted.

This is one of the reasons I initially went for Denon DJ Prime, because their website and manual said they supported NTFS read-only, but then that was dropped. So in every way I believed I was upgrading from Gemini, but then there was the NTFS issue, the jog issues (now resolved), etc. I believe InMusic only ever implemented NTFS for small drives, but I’m not sure if that even works now. Anyway, I want it for big drives.

Out of roughly 15 Hanpins I’ve had in various brands (I still have about 8 separates and 2 all-in-ones that both need repairs) that are 100% read-only unless you explicitly tell it to store a memory item, those never once corrupted any file table in the many years I’ve had those.

We need NTFS read-only support and every time you plug in any other drive it should say “Allow Writes?” Yes/No pop up. We could also have some sort of flag that Engine Desktop can add to a drive to just bypass that pop up, that way that’s the first thing it reads out of the Engine folder and is instructed on how to proceed.

Can you imagine a headliner showing up to a gig after being reassured that Prime is kosher, only to have their drive become corrupted after playing at that venue? Not good. Very easy fix. We already know that streaming services when no drive is connected run fine without needing writes to anything and just using on board RAM temporarilly.

Never had any issues with my 7000s on serato. They just worked everytime. These prime4s are basically a bloody gimmick. Standalone but take three backup copies if your library and your laptop just in case. Then if all goes well and you want to add some tracks GOOD LUCK dont plan on doing anything for the next week. But hey ho never mind all that lets brush all that aside lets work on fancy addons to con more people into buying our substanard equipment. Sorry i used to love denon gear. NOW … Biggest piece of ■■■■ i have ever had to use. I love being a dj, but the stress these give you makes me wonder if its worth it. . As of this moment in time… NO it isnt. Would i recomend denon??? Not if they paid me… And no one from in music can even chip in with anything… SAYS IT ALL…

Isn’t the 7000 just a controller?

@Reticuli yup. Done exactly as it was meant to. Never missed a beat. Never let me down. The primes have had more librarys put on a hard drive than ive had hot dinners… they are a joke

Well yeah that makes sense, because the controller isn’t messing with your drive. I’m sure the Prime 4 will be pretty reliable as a controller, too, but obviously needs to be able to be reliable and not foul up drives as a standalone unit if it is interacting with drives directly. For those who want to do Prime writes to their drives to, say, create set lists and save all cues automatically, then it’s reasonable in the future those people will need to be told to always backup the drive you’re messing with. It’s like that insurance line in Fight Club: On a long enough timeline it’s always essentially 100% risk.

Nothing is guaranteed to work 100% but there is still definitely an issue with DB stability that needs addressed.

I have used VDJ on a laptop since 2008 and never ever have had a corruprted DB. It’s the same one created the day I downloaded it.

I must be on my 5th or 6th Denon one now and that’s since 2017

windows or mac?

if windows…

connect the drive to your computer

do a disk error run.

and fix it

try to reconnect it after this again & open engine prime again.

normally it should be fixed, i had the very same issue once