Lost entire Library on upgrading to Engine Desktop 2.2.2

Hey. Wonder if I can get some help pls?

Bit the bullet today and decided to upgrade to 2.2.2. Started with my Mac and it ran install fine. However, upon opening I’ve now lost my entire Engine Library and playlists despite having a backed up prior to upgrading.
I’ve tried restoring the last back-up - pre upgrade but that isn’t returning anything. I can re-import everything but it will not bring back my playlists and there a lot of songs to go through to get this right. Any suggestions or should I try restoring from the Memory Card which is used in my Prime Go?

I’m also at the junction of still running 2.2.1 on my Prime Go. Should I continue or do people think I may deepen the problem?


Which version did you upgrade from

2.2.1 is what was on the Mac before

Same here!!
I was at 2.2.1 desktop, had all my tracks and playlists working fine yesterday. Upgraded to 2.2.2 just now, and now they’re all red - File Unavailable Luckily I took a back up of my library and resolved this problem by restoring the library.

However… Denon…please resolve this frickin’ issue with relocation of files. Every other software I’ve used allows you to point re-locate files that might have had their path changed or renamed, etc.