Lost confidence after one time playing on Prime 2. Please advice

Hello Denon DJ’s, I am a Pioneer DJ and I wanted to make the switch to the many possibilities of Denon. I bought a Prime 2 and built an SSD in it. Saturday April 9, 2022 was my first performance with the Prime 2.

What is my method: From Rekordbox I exported the XML and transferred it to Engine DJ software. My mp3 files are in the Rekordbox folder in Dropbox. From Rekordbox I transferred playlists to the Engine DJ collection and transferred files to the SSD using the Sync manager. However, not all files are copied from the Dropbox folder to the SSD? Why not? I was on location in a club of 350 people and sometimes I had to wait for the track to be downloaded from Dropbox. The busier it got in the room, the worse the WiFi signal. So sometimes I couldn’t play certain tracks and preferred tracks that are on the SSD. Not playing a fine dj set that way.

Sometimes the touchscreen did not work at all. I was able to turn the browse button and go through the menus, but the touchscreen sometimes didn’t work for 3-4 minutes.

Then the hell of the night came, I loaded a track which was local and promptly the Prime 2 crashed. The music stopped the Prime 2 had to restart. Completely silent in a full club… It took a while before I could continue but it was a huge fail. Not reliable at all, I thought. There was even a fellow DJ who said: ‘Then why don’t you play with Pioneer anymore’? The history playlist is also saved in two, before the crash and after.

I have little faith in Denon DJ now, is it possible to reproduce the error or why does the touchscreen sometimes not work? Also, I find it strange that files are not copied from Dropbox to local SSD. Lockup? I can’t try all the tracks on my Prime 2 before spinning. There are too many!

Please any advice or tips, otherwise i sell my Prime 2

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Sounds like someone sold you a faulty unit

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Just saying “it crashed” isn’t really all that helpful.

Did you not try a trial session after loading your tunes, but before the gig ?

Could be a faulty unit, as plenty of other prime users aren’t having “crashed” issues - but check if you’ve got latest firmware etc

It could be hardware fault. I have my Prime 2 for year and a half now and it never crushed or froze.

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Had my issues with the prime 4 but NEVER had it crash with a decent library, and correctly prepped tracks

Was it a brand new unit or used? How long have you owned it?

Someone else will have to advise on the SSD, but I recall some other posts where people had some SSD issues with tracks not showing. I think I may have also had it with USB but think it was user error on my side.

Have you been able to replicate the issue. Does the screen have a protector on it, it is clean of fingerprints etc. small things but can create issues.

I have internal SSD and never had problems with it.

The unit is only, due to corona used at home. It is from january 2022. Device still has warranty.

I did a test run for an hour at home and it worked fine but i played at the club from 22.30 till 04.00 and the problems started after 2 hours playing. The device has the latest firmware 2.1.2

It’s a 2nd hand Prime 2 but used at home and is in a mint state. It’s from january 2022 and there’s warranty on the device. I bought a new Crucial 250GB SSD and installed it myself. Format it via PC mode, as in de user manual/official youtube channel.

I can replicate the issue to lock up, i load that certain mp3 file in Rekordbox, the track plays, when i load the same track on my Prime 2, it locks up and reboot. It’s a normal mp3 320Kpbs file 10MB and on the local SSD. Not loaded from Dropbox.

The screen has no protector, it was clean, and it worked but after 2 hours playing the weirdness started with the screen.

Can anyone explain me why some tracks from the rekordbox Dropbox folder are not copied to the internal SSD on the Prime 2?

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If the only info you provide is saying “some tracks”, it’s hard to know. It could potentially be that they’re in a format which isn’t supported.

If you try to play those same tracks from a flash drive plugged in directly, do they play?

I made a new playlist, 4 tracks including the ‘problem track’ (which plays fine on Rekordbox and Windows media player). Exported the files with sync manager to an external USB and plugged into my Prime 2. 4 tracks on the USB, 3 of them have a Dropbox icon next to them?? But i exported them to USB? The ‘problem track’ is on USB (local) but still reboots my Prime 2.

Where did you obtain the tracks that are causing the issue?

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Hi, i buy mp3 from Crooklyn Clan, BPM Supreme and free from Soundcloud.

Possibly the soundcloud ones then

Where did the tracks giving you issues, specifically, coke from?

I don’t understand why there are people who say their console has crashed! I have a prime 4 for three years and a numark mixstream pro for six months !! I’ve never had a problem and I use them every Friday and Saturday, sometimes even Sunday! and then I also play at home, the only reason why the 4 is blocked only once, only a wodka lemon managed to stop it during an evening !!! mah !!!

I had issues like that with my Prime Go when I first got it. The solution that worked for me was to analyze all new tracks twice. In my system, engine dj will freeze just like my Prime Go with certain mp3s unless they are analyzed twice. Don’t know why but it’s the only thing that worked.

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Thats why you should analyze all your tracks BEFORE going live with them.

One reason i dont like streaming. I want to KNOW the track i hit play on is the right track (clean or dirty depending on gig) and is 100% playable. If I own those tracks on a hard drive then I have control over them

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